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Architecture and Construction

Architecture and Construction

Instructors: Matthew Olson, Phil Richason 



650 Introduction to Construction (INT CONST) DOE# 4792

Introduction to Construction is a course that will offer hands-on activities and real-world experiences related to the skills essential in residential, commercial and civil building construction. During the course students will be introduced to the history and traditions of construction trades. The student will also learn and apply knowledge of the care and safe use of hand and power tools as related to each trade. In addition, students are introduced to blueprint reading, applied math, basic tools and equipment, and safety. Students will demonstrate building construction techniques, including concrete and masonry, framing, electrical, plumbing, dry walling, HVAC, and painting as developed locally in accordance with available space and technologies. Students learn how architectural ideas are converted into projects and how projects are managed during a construction project in this course. Students study construction technology topics such as preparing a site, doing earthwork, setting footings and foundations, building the superstructure, enclosing the structure, installing systems, finishing the structure, and completing the site. Students also investigate topics related to the purchasing and maintenance of structures, special purpose facilities, green construction and construction careers. 

Construction Trades 

*Students will sign up for all three: Principles of Construction Trades, Construction Trades: General Carpentry, and Construction Trades: Framing and Finishing in order to fulfill Construction Trades 1. 

7130 Principles of Construction Trades (PRIN CON TR) DOE# 7130

Principles of Construction Trades covers the NCCER Core Curriculum and is a prerequisite to most other construction courses. Its modules cover topics such as basic safety, communication skills, and introduction to construction drawings; all basic skills needed to continue education in the construction program.  

7123 Construction Trades: General Carpentry (CON TRD GC) DOE# 7123 

Construction Trades: General Carpentry covers the NCCER Carpentry Level 1. Its modules cover topics such as building materials, fasteners, adhesives, hand and power tools, introduction to construction drawings, specifications, layout, floor systems, wall systems, ceiling joist and roof framing, basic stair layout, and introduction to building envelope systems.  

  • Required Prerequisites: Principles of Construction Trades  

7122 Construction Trades: Framing and Finishing (CON TRD FR FIN) DOE# 7122

Construction Trades: Framing and Finishing covers NCCER Carpentry Framing and Finishing Level 2. Its modules cover topics such as commercial drawings, roofing applications, thermal and moisture protection, exterior finishing, cold-formed steel framing, drywall installation and finishing, doors and door hardware, suspended ceilings, window, door, floor, and ceiling trim, and cabinet installation.  

  • Required Prerequisites: Principles of Construction Trades; and Construction Trades: General Carpentry  


Construction Trades II builds on the formation, installation, maintenance, and repair skills learned in Construction Trades I. Information on materials, occupations, and professional organizations within the industry will be covered. Students will develop basic knowledge, skills, and awareness of interior trim and the installation of drywall, moldings, interior doors, kitchen cabinets, and baseboard moldings. Students will also develop exterior finishing competencies. The course includes instruction on the installation of cornices, windows, doors and various types of sidings currently used in industry. Studies will also focus on the design and construction of roof systems and the use of framing squares for traditional rafter and truss roofing.

  • Required Prerequisites: Construction Trades I