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Information Technology

Information Technology

Instructor: Bradford Barclay 



639 Introduction to Computer Science (INTO CS) DOE# 4803

Introduction to Computer Science allows students to explore the world of computer science. Students will gain a broad understanding of the areas composing computer science. Additionally, there is a focus on the areas of computer programming, gaming/mobile development, and artificial intelligence/robotics. 

678 Computer Science I (COM SCI I) DOE# 4801

Computer Science I introduces the structured techniques necessary for the efficient solution of business-related computer programming logic problems and coding solutions into a high-level language. The fundamental concepts of programming are provided through explanations and effects of commands and hands-on utilization of lab equipment to produce accurate outputs. Topics include program flowcharting, pseudo coding, and hierarchy charts as a means of solving problems. The course covers creating file layouts, print charts, program narratives, user documentation, and system flowcharts for business problems; algorithm development and review, flowcharting, input/output techniques, looping, 319 Indiana Department of Education 2021-2022 High School Course Titles and Descriptions modules, selection structures, file handling, control breaks, and offers students an opportunity to apply skills in a laboratory environment.  

  • Fulfills a science course requirement for all diplomas 

670 Computer Science II (CS II PROG) DOE# 5236

Computer Science II explores and builds skills in programming and a basic understanding of the fundamentals of procedural program development using structured, modular concepts. Discussions will include the role of data types, variables, structures, addressable memory locations, arrays and pointers, and data file access methods. An emphasis on logical program design using a modular approach, which involves task-oriented program functions. 

  • Required Prerequisites: Computer Science I 
  • Fulfills a science course requirement for all diplomas